Pre-paid Calling Accounts

Call from any touchtone phone
including mobiles using either the internet or local access numbers and/or Freephone UK 0808 USA 0500 access numbers we give you when you sign up
No hidden connection charges.
Our charges are shown and rates are applicable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you are not restricted to making calls after 6.00 pm! Rates include VAT.
Web Account Management (WAM)
This allows you to manage your easy-dial Calling Account online. Information available includes details of your calls call record statements, useful numbers, FAQs, number registration, speed-dial set-up and more!
Open an account with £25
This an advance against the cost of your calls. Pay by credit or debit card, PayPal, or any other payment method available with smartphones
Top up
Account top-ups are available from just £10 on-line anytime
, or £25 by phone. You get an extra 10% free if you top-up by £50 or more
Auto top-up
This facility is available if it is important that your account never runs out of credit. We recommend it. Your choice!
Voice prompts/IVR
For example, 1000# advises
the balance on your account, so you always know how much you have spent on your call. You can also view and print your call records on-line.
"Caller Line Identify" CLI
You can register your own landline and/or Mobile numbers
so that you will not need to key in any card numbers or password/PINs to make a call. Alternatively, for security, a PIN is required every time. Your choice! !
Accounts opened promptly
Accounts are usually opened within two working hours and account details sent by e-mail, fax or post. Your account is "live" when you receive the email details
Call-Back Feature
Allows calls to be made in countries where there is no available local access number. Requires a local SIM with outbound internatioal dialling. For more infrmation on call-back, please Contact us